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The New Teen Titans Vol. 14 (2022)

New Teen Titans Vol. 14 is the incredible continuation of the late 80’s action-packed tales from Marv Wolfman of the Teen Titans! The Titans must battle some of the most powerful adversaries—Gizmo, Disruptor…and Tritan?! But is there a mastermind organizing this terrible attack? In The New Teen Titans Annual #4 learn what terrors await our Titans when a mysterious stranger invades…and influences…their dreams? And don’t miss the origins of Nightwing as Dick Grayson reflects on his life and how he became the hero known as Nightwing!

Collecting incredible tales from the late 80’s, this volume contains Secret Origins #13, Tales of the Teen Titans #91, The New Teen Titans #41-49, The New Teen Titans Annual #4, and Secret Origins Annual #3.

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406 pages
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