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The Mighty Thor – Marvel Masterworks Vol. 22 (2023)

Relationships are tricky, even for gods. As writer Alan Zelenetz begins his run scribing THOR, the son of Odin faces challenges ranging from cosmic-powered adversaries to the pains of love! Can Sif assimilate to life on Midgard with Dr. Don Blake? Thor’s complicated relationship soon becomes even more so with the arrival of Dracula. Will Sif become the Lord of the Vampires’ latest victim, turned to an undead existence of bloodsucking? And how will Jane Foster’s return complicate matters? It’s a love triangle, Asgardian-style! Plus: An Annual adventure gorgeously drawn by Bob Hall, a hidde gem of a THOR graphic novel and a host of material from the fan-favorite OFFICIAL HANDBOOK OF THE MARVEL UNIVERSE!

The Mighty Thor – Marvel Masterworks Vol. 22 collects:

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367 pages
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