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The Mighty Thor – Marvel Masterworks Vol. 21 (2022)

Collects Thor (1966) #315-327, Annual (1966) #10; material from Bizarre Adventures (1981) #32.

The God of Thunder needs all the help he can get against the Bi-Beast. Enter: Iron Man! Then, it’s a Man-Beast/Man-Thing showdown with Thor in the middle — while Loki conspires to pit his adopted brother against the stone men of Easter Island and the great dragon Fafnir! As if that’s not drama enough, Thor faces a gauntlet of foes in Zaniac, the Dark Man and the Scarlet Scarab, plus a one-on-one showdown with Darkoth — with Mephisto lurking in the background! And who are Grult and the Menagerie of Rimthursar? This Masterworks edition also includes a double-sized Annual extravaganza pitting Thor and the gods against the Demogorge and “Sea of Destiny,” a tale beautifully rendered by master illustrator John Bolton.

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375 pages
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