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The Incredible Hulk By Peter David – Omnibus Vol. 5 (2023)

Mixed or average ratings

Based on 39 critic ratings.

You can’t keep Peter David away from the Hulk for long! The legendary writer has returned to his signature character many times, across different eras and realities – but in the far future, how will he bring the Hulk’s incredible story to an end?

Plus: The Hulk finds himself on a strange island with some very unexpected monsters! In the HOUSE OF M, Hulk’s newfound peace will be short-lived! It’s smashing time when Hulk battles the Abomination! The Hulk clashes with the Champions,Fin Fang Foom, the Leader and more! And revisit two seminal Hulk eras: the mindless monster’s time in the Crossroads and the gray Hulk’s membership in the New Fantastic Four!

The Incredible Hulk By Peter David – Omnibus Vol. 5 collects:

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