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The Hood: The Saga Of Parker Robbins (2023)

Mixed or average ratings

Based on 4 critic ratings.

With great power… comes great opportunity.

With a pregnant girlfriend, a demanding mistress and an institutionalized mother to care for, Parker Robbins can barely make ends meet. So when the smalltime crook finds mystical apparel that grants him strange powers, he decides to forgo organized crime for the more prestigious and financially rewarding world of costumed villainy.

Is the Marvel Universe ready to meet… The Hood?!

Norman Osborn sure is – and when his Dark Reign begins, Parker has a major role to play as a tough-talking crime boss organizing NYC’s super villains – while wheeling and dealing with the likes of Loki and Doctor Doom!

But what price is Parker paying for his rapid climb up the ladder of infamy?

And what terrible secret lies behind the source of his powers?

The Hood: The Saga Of Parker Robbins collects:

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