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The Fantastic Four – Marvel Masterworks Vol. 24 (2022)

Collects Fantastic Four (1961) #258-268, Alpha Flight (1983) #4 and The Thing (1983) #10 – Plus Material from Fantastic Four Special Edition #1, The Thing (1983) #7 And Marvel Fanfare (1982) #15.

Combining a cosmic scope with a heartfelt, earthbound humanism, John Byrne’s run on FANTASTIC FOUR remains a high point in Marvel history. The Marvel Masterworks continues its collection of that epic era, pitting the FF against Terrax the Terrible, former herald of Galactus – now in the thrall of Doctor Doom! Then, Reed Richards finds himself on trial in a Shi’ar courtroom for the crime of rescuing Galactus! The Torch and Thing take on the Mole Man, the Beyonder cometh… and welcome to the FF, She-Hulk!

Plus: In one of the FF’s most emotional stories, a desperate Reed and Sue place the fate of their unborn child in the hands of Otto Octavius!

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