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The Amazing Spider-Man – Epic Collection Vol. 23: The Hero Killers (2023)

Collects The Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #361-367; The Amazing Spider-Man Annual (1964) #26; Amazing Spider-Man: Soul Of The Hunter; And Material From Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #12, Web Of Spider-Man Annual #8 And New Warriors Annual #2.

The coming of Carnage!

When Venom’s offspring transforms psychopath Cletus Kasady into a symbiotic serial killer, Peter Parker makes the hardest decision of his life – and turns to Venom for help! But will Eddie Brock join the fight, or will he continue his single-minded mission to squash Spider-Man?

Plus: Spider-Man enters the Lizard’s lair – and faces a powerful enemy alongside the New Warriors! And when Spidey is haunted by Kraven the Hunter, can the web-slinger save the soul of his fiercest foe?

Then, when familiar faces make a startling return, Spidey must investigate a painful piece of his past – assuming he can get through Taskmaster and the Red Skull!

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474 pages
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