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The Amazing Spider-Man by Zeb Wells Vol. 8: Spider-Man's First Hunt (2024)

Generally favorable ratings

Based on 78 critic ratings.

Zeb Wells takes Spider-Man to dark places!

First, two of Spider-Man’s villains are plotting the deadliest team-up he’s ever had to face. But are they after Peter Parker? Or is he just in the way of something bigger?

The answers await in Spidey’s first hunt! But when the unexpected consequences of his actions are fully felt, will New York ever look at the web-slinger in the same way again?

Then, just when things are getting too heavy, the amazing Rek-Rap returns!

Spider-Man’s bizarre fun-house reflection might just be the thing to drag the wall-crawler out of the shadows he seems trapped in.

Well, that is, Rek-Rap might be able to help… if he weren’t being targeted by the most frightening new Spidey villain in decades!

The Amazing Spider-Man by Zeb Wells Vol. 8: Spider-Man’s First Hunt collects:

The Amazing Spider-Man (2022) #32-38.

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