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The Amazing Spider-Man by Wells & Romita Jr. Vol. 3: Hobgoblin (2023)

Generally favorable ratings

Based on 60 critic ratings.

Collects The Amazing Spider-Man (2022) #9-14

Prepare to have your heart broken all over again!

As the momentous events of A.X.E. reverberate across the Marvel Univerbse, it’s time for Spibder-Man to face judgment – and we all know which moment in his history is going to weigh heavily on the proceedings.

If Peter can somehow pick himself up, he’ll have earned a nice quiet life, right?

Nope – because the Hobgoblin is lurking in the shadows!

But who’s beneath the cowl this time?

If you know anything about the Hobgoblin, you know that you know nothing about the Hobgoblin!

Plus: It’s time for Spidey to don his Sunday best, because he’s off to the Hellfire Gala!

But something is about to happen at the hottest party on Krakoa that sends Spider-Man and Wolverine on a dangerous mission all over creation!

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