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The Amazing Spider-Man: Beyond – Omnibus (2023)

Generally favorable ratings

Based on 240 critic ratings.

Spider-Man’s clone is back!

With the official sponsorship of the Beyond Corporation and training from the Daughters of the Dragon, Ben Reilly is suiting up as Spider-Man once again! But wait – what happened to Peter Parker? Donning the webs has placed a target on Ben’s back, and Morbius and Kraven are out for blood – as is new nightmarish nemesis the Queen Goblin! But is something more insidious going on in the halls of Beyond?

Doctor Octopus makes a devastating return, and Mary Jane teams with the Black Cat – and as Ben’s situation slowly spins out of control, two Spider-Men find themselves on a collision course that will change everything!

The Amazing Spider-Man: Beyond – Omnibus collects:

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660 pages
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