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Superman: Action Comics Vol. 1: Rise of Metallo (2024)

Generally favorable ratings

Based on 94 critic ratings.

In a critical time for Metropolis, the increasingly violent Blue Earth movement is keeping the entire Super-Family on their toes.

The opening of the new Steelworks tower – meant to be a bastion of scientific innovation – has drawn unwelcome attention from a supercharged Metallo. Where did he get this newfound super-strength, and why does he seem hell-bent on revenge? Is Lex Luthor’s jealousy to blame for this assault on the city, or are there other factors at play?

And when the Super-Twins find themselves alone against Metallo’s undead army, the Necrohive, it’s an epic rematch for the ages.

Superman: Action Comics Vol. 1: Rise of Metallo collects:

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