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Superior Spider-Man Vol. 1: Supernova (2024)

Generally favorable ratings

Based on 49 critic ratings.

The Superior Spider-Man returns – but how?!

Ten years after the body-swap story that shocked the world, Dan Slott and Mark Bagley spin a new tale of Otto Octavius, the would-be wall-crawler you love to hate – or hate to love!

Once known as the Superior Spider-Man, Doctor Octopus has made a life-changing discovery.

But the sins of his past will exact a heavy toll on the present, and one of Peter Parker’s closest friends must pay the price!

With disaster looming, only one flawed hero can step up and save the day!

Well, one flawed hero and his army of expendable Spider-Minions, that is.

With his former love Anna Maria’s life at stake, Otto Octavius seeks not to just be Superior, but to become the ONLY Spider-Man!

Superior Spider-Man Vol. 1: Supernova collects:

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148 pages
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