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Star Wars: The High Republic Vol. 3: Jedi's End (2022)

Generally favorable ratings

Based on 19 critic ratings.

Collects Star Wars: The High Republic (2021) #11-15, Star Wars: The High Republic – Eye Of The Storm (2022) #1-2.

The history-making saga of the High Republic era continues! With the stakes higher than ever before and time running out quickly, the Jedi must mount a daring rescue – just as the Nihil unleash a nameless terror! Marshal Avar Kriss is more determined than ever to bring Lourna Dee to justice, but do Stellan Gios and the Jedi Council agree? While Keeve Trennis struggles with what she experienced on the Nihil base, the truth about Sskeer is finally revealed – and the Jedi prepare for war! As phase one of the High Republic era enters its final stages, everything is about to change! Plus: Discover the true origins of Marchion Ro, the Eye of the Nihil and sworn enemy of the Jedi order!

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170 pages
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