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Spirit World (2024)

Generally favorable ratings

Based on 59 critic ratings.

Spirit World follows the adventures of Xanthe Zhou, a non-binary Chinese hero with the ability to travel between the land of the living and that of the Spirit World—the realm of the dead!

Xanthe possesses the ability to burn items folded from ceremonial joss paper and turn them into real objects. They can make anything they can fold, but their weapon of choice? A magical broadsword – because who doesn’t love a big sword when you can choose to wield a big sword?!

With Batgirl inexplicably trapped in the Spirit World, Xanthe forms a reluctant alliance with DC’s bad boy of the mystic arts, John Constantine, to embark on a search and rescue mission! Who knows what other spirits they’ll find – from a surprisingly powerful granny sorceress to the hanfu and headphone-wearing skateboarder boy with a gaping hole in his chest! Can they complete their mission and find their way back to the land of the living before the dangerous and powerful Jade Court intervenes, or will Xanthe, Cassandra Cain, and Constantine become permanent residents of the land of the dead?

Spirit World comes to life in the hands of beloved comics and sci-fi author Alyssa Wong and rising star illustrator Haining!

Get on board an unforgettable journey with one of comics’ most compelling new characters!

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