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Spine-Tingling Spider-Man (2024)

Generally favorable ratings

Based on 20 critic ratings.

The scariest Spider-Man story you’ve ever read!

When a dangerous song takes all of New York City on a haunting journey through their dreams, a sleep-deprived Peter Parker must fight back his fears to face a threat unlike anything he has ever known! Because this time, his “Peter tingle” is a chill right down his spine! And if he can survive his encounter with the Sleep-Stealer – and a fight with the sinister SpidercideSpider-Man will have to hit the road for the most terrifying ride of his life!

Peter soon finds himself in the most frightening haunted house possible – but who took his powers? Who took his friends and family? Who stands the best chance at taking Spider-Man down – permanently? This has to be Mysterio’s doing, right? But what if it’s not?!

Spine-Tingling Spider-Man collects:

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