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Spider-Boy Vol. 1: The Web-Less Wonder (2024)

Generally favorable ratings

Based on 38 critic ratings.

Get to know the sidekick Spider-Man – and you – never knew he had! Welcome (back?) to the neighborhood, spectacular Spider-Boy!

In the blockbuster End of the Spider-Verse, young Bailey Briggs‘ existence was restored to a Marvel Universe that had forgotten him. Now the mysteries of his past will be revealed as Spider-Boy leaps into his own adventures!

Learn more about Bailey‘s amazing powers! Meet his rogues’ gallery! And discover why he’s way better than every other super hero, ever!

Featuring: Spider-Boy going toe-to-toe with Taskmaster! Spider-Man getting a lesson in sidekicks from none other than Captain America! The Web-less Wonder meeting Kris Kringle! And Bailey teaming up with the mighty Thor and fellow wall-crawler Miles Morales!

But what’s the story with Spider-Boy‘s monstrous secret?

Spider-Boy Vol. 1: The Web-Less Wonder collects:

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