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Silver Surfer Rebirth: Legacy (2024)

Generally unfavorable ratings

Based on 12 critic ratings.

Ron Marz and Ron Lim ride again!

In another untold tale set during their 1990s classic cosmic collaboration on Silver Surfer, the Sentinel of the Spaceways has taken Genis-Vell, son of the late Kree Captain Mar-Vell, under his wing – but even the Power Cosmic can’t replace the love of a lost father!

The Surfer knows something that might be able to soothe a broken heart, but is it worth a clash with Adam Warlock and the Infinity Watch?

As Genis ends up unstuck in time, all hope lies with… Thanos?!

Meanwhile, the Surfer is reunited with a lost love – and his former master Galactus! But can anyone prepare him for a date with the devil?

Mephisto has set his evil eyes on an Infinity Gem, and now our heroes must race to uncover his diabolical game!

Silver Surfer Rebirth: Legacy collects:

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