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Silver Surfer by Slott & Allred – Omnibus (2023)

Generally favorable ratings

Based on 127 critic ratings.

Anywhere and everywhere – hang on!

Dan Slott and Michael Allred take the Sentinel of the Spaceways on his wildest ride yet – with a very special companion!

Meet Dawn Greenwood, the Earth girl who’s enabled the Silver Surfer to see the universe with all-new eyes – and push its boundaries like never before!

But that way leads to incredible dangers – like the Never Queen, Warrior One and Jumbonox the Giganormous! From perfect planets to wrathful warriors, from the end of reality to an all-new beginning, they’ll travel the length and breadth of space and time – and beyond!

But what could ever make Norrin Radd willing to once again serve Galactus?

Slott and Allred weave a cosmic-powered story of triumph, tragedy and boundless imagination – including the 2016 Eisner Award-winning story “Never After”!

Silver Surfer by Slott & Allred – Omnibus collects:

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