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She-Hulk By Rainbow Rowell Vol. 2: Jen Of Hearts (2023)

Mixed or average ratings

Based on 32 critic ratings.

Questions abound for the jade giantess!

Nightcrawler visits Book Law, but what does the X-Men’s resident fuzzy elf need legal defense for? Which of Marvel’s greatest traditions will She-Hulk help uphold? And how many miles does it take… to save the universe?

After shocking events hit like an earthquake, Jennifer Walters has some serious work to do – and a humdinger of a mystery to solve. And trust us, you will not be able to predict what she finds!

She-Hulk’s new archnemeses finally step from the shadows – but who are they, and what do they want with her?

The answers to these questions will chill She-Hulk to the bone!

Can Jen and her adorable new beau, Jack of Hearts, make it through this alive – or will this power couple suffer heartbreak?

She-Hulk By Rainbow Rowell Vol. 2: Jen Of Hearts collects:

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