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Sabretooth: The Adversary (2022)

Generally favorable ratings

Based on 42 critic ratings.

Collects Sabretooth (2022) #1-5.

The island nation of Krakoa has ushered in a bright new era for mutantkind – paradise after years of persecution.

But even mutants must deal with monsters in their midst, and Victor Creed is perhaps the worst.

One of the first acts of the Krakoan Quiet Council was to exile the savage Sabretooth to the pit beneath Krakoa, locked away in an endless darkness for his countless crimes against both mutants and humans.

Now, you’re about to find out what Sabretooth has been up to since he was banished – and it’s not what you expect!

And when he welcomes five more mutants to his own private hell, are they ready for what they’ll find?

No, they are not.

Can these exiles find a way to stop fighting each other and start working together… on a way out?

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148 pages
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