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Peter Porker, The Spectacular Spider-Ham – The Complete Collection Vol. 2 (2022)

Collects What The–?! (1988) #20, Ultimate Civil War: Spider-Ham (2007) #1 Spider-Ham 25th Anniversary Special (2010) #1 and Spider-Man Annual (2019) #1 – plus the Spider-Ham stories from Marvel Tales (1964) #201-212, #214-219, #223-230, #233, #236-237, #239-240 And #247; What The–?! (1988) #3, #18, #22, #24 and #26; and Spider-Verse (2015) #1.

Pig out on more anthropomorphic adventures of the Spectacular Spider-Ham!

Peter Porker crosses paths with Black Catfish, Crocktor Strange, the Punfisher, Ducktor Doom, Larval Zombies, Raven the Hunter, the Green Gobbler and more – as well as Howard the Duck and Forbush Man!

The Infinity Wart causes cosmic chaos, but can Peter handle the power of Captain Zooniverse?

And who is Spider-Ham 2099?

Plus: Civil War rocks Spider-Ham in a piggy paradise filled with porcine personas from Iron Ham to Wolver-Ham!

And when J. Jonah Jackal and Mary Crane are kidnapped, Spider-Ham battles Doctor Octopussycat and the Swinester Six!

Publication Date
Kindle Edition
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335 pages
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Inside The Collection

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