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Origins Of Marvel Comics: Marvel Tales (2022)

Four of the cornerstone issues that ushered in the Marvel Age of Comics in one unbeatable package!

In Fantastic Four (1961) #1, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby changed everything, introducing Reed Richards, Ben Grimm, and Susan and Johnny Storm – and sending them on the ill-fated rocket trip that transformed them into the Fantastic Four!

In Amazing Fantasy (1962) #15, Lee joined another legend, Steve Ditko, to spin a tale of power and responsibility featuring teen wallflower PeterParker… the icon-in-the-making named Spider-Man!

In X-Men (1963) #1, Lee and Kirby created a new breed of hero… the X-Men, whose mutant abilities are a gift they’re born with… or is that a curse?

And in The Avengers (1963) #1, they united Iron Man, Thor, the Hulk, Ant-Man and the Wasp in battle with Loki… and, lo, the Avengers were formed!

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