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New Mutants Vol. 4 (2023)

Generally favorable ratings

Based on 21 critic ratings.

Old wounds and future possibilities! Gabby and Karma have gone missing, and it’s up to Daken and James Proudstar to track them down! Stained by their own sense of failures concerning their respective siblings, the two must face their own insecurities in order to find the young mutants! Then, personally recruited by Emma Frost herself, Shela Sexton – A.K.A. Escapade – reluctantly joins her fellow mutants on Krakoa in the hope that the X-Men can prevent the impending death of her best friend. But will the New Mutants accept her? Or will they all fall to the fanatical U-Men? Plus: To commemorate the New Mutants’ 40th Anniversary, a stellar cast of creators craft a mosaic love letter dedicated to four decades’ worth of the joys and tribulations of being young, brave and gifted in the world of X!

New Mutants Vol. 4 collects:

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