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Mosely (2023)

In the hyper-technological world of the late 21st century, Mosely is a bitter old janitor on a mission from a higher power—to unleash holy Hell upon the “too big to fail” Tech Gods.

Can one man bring down the corporate powers who’ve used their vast influence to oppress an all too complacent human race (and hopefully win back the favor of his estranged family while he’s at it)?
Mosely’s taking up the Holy Hammer and you better believe he’s gonna smash some $h!t until he sets mankind free!

But what happens if he succeeds? What will happen to humans when they’ve been reliant on AI and technology for so long?

From Farmhand creator Rob Guillory and Sam Lotfi (Harley Quinn), Mosely is a satirical sci-fi blockbuster perfect for fans of Eve!

Mosely collects:

  • Mosely (2023) #1-5.

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149 pages
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