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Moon Knight – Omnibus Vol. 2 (2022)

Collects Moon Knight (1980) #21-38, Iron Man (1968) #161, Power Man and Iron Fist (1978) #87, Marvel Team-Up (1972) #144, Moon Knight (1985) #1-6, Marvel Fanfare (1982) #30; material from Solo Avengers (1987) #3, Marvel Fanfare (1982) #38-39, Marvel Super-Heroes (1990) #1.

The end of the beginning! Doug Moench and Bill Sienkiewicz’s landmark, critically acclaimed run comes to a close. But first Moon Knight must survive threats old and new – including the madness of Morpheus, the deadly return of Stained Glass Scarlet, the devious Black Spectre and a rematch against the Werewolf by Night! Moon Knight teams with Iron Man, Brother Voodoo, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man and more – but when tragedy strikes, the dead walk and secrets come to light, will Moon Knight meet his final rest? Or will he rise again, reinvigorated as the Fist of Khonshu?

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946 pages
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