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Marvel-Verse: Kang (2023)

In the past, present and future of the Marvel-Verse, never has there been a conqueror quite like Kang! Get to know the time-traveling tyrant from the 31st century in these epic clashes with the heroes of today! When the self-proclaimed “Ultimate Kang” sets out to conquer his own alternate-reality counterparts, the Council of Kangs, the Avengers assemble to oppose him! But only one force can possibly halt his mad march: himself! Then, Kang returns to wreak chronal chaos, uniting the Avengers with 1950s heroes the Agents of Atlas in a complex plot to make himself master of the world! Plus: Squirrel Girl’s unbeatable reputation is tested to its limits across three eras! Can Kang conquer the unconquerable?

Marvel-Verse: Kang collects:

  • The Avengers (1963) #267-269;
  • Giant-Size Marvel Adventures the Avengers (2007) #1;
  • The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl (II) (2015) #42.

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121 pages
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