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Marvel: July 1963 – Omnibus (2023)

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Marvel is proud to celebrate the 60th Anniversaries of the X-Men and Avengers – by presenting each and every Marvel comic from the month of their debut! By July 1963, the Marvel Age of Comics was taking over. Marvel was creating hit after hit, and two series that debuted the same month – X-MEN and AVENGERS – were destined to have a historic impact! They’ve taken over modern pop culture, but back in 1963, they were just a small part of a much larger and more varied tapestry on the newsstands! Marvel also unveiled groundbreaking Annuals, experimented with a new type of war comic, continued their tales of frontier justice and appealed to an audience not interested in fisticuffs with teen humor and romance titles. It was an amazing and very different time – and you can immerse yourself in the era right here!

Marvel: July 1963 – Omnibus collects:

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