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Marauders by Steve Orlando Vol. 2 (2023)

Mixed or average ratings

Based on 13 critic ratings.

As A.X.E. makes waves, the Marauders hold on for survival!

The Progenitor has risen, and – like the rest of the world – the crew will face judgment! Who among them was able to justify their existence? Who among them failed? And just how excited is Orchis for a chance to scapegoat mutants for Earth’s brush with Celestial destruction?

Plus: Captain Kate Pryde promised to help mutants in need, no matter where they are or when. But can the Marauders rescue an entire civilization in the past without erasing the future? Perhaps with an assist from one of the greatest X-Men of 2099?!

When the Threshold Three are revealed and take their place in Krakoa, the shocking secrets of the first mutants may upend all of history!

All this… and Detective Lockheed.

Marauders by Steve Orlando Vol. 2 collects:

Marauders (2022) #6-10.

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