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Knight Terrors: Terror Titans (2024)

Generally favorable ratings

Based on 81 critic ratings.

In Knight Terrors, DC’s heroes and villains are ravaged by their own dark and twisted nightmares thanks to new villain Insomnia and his Sleepless Knights.

This frightening companion collection reveals how the Titans, Shazam, Black Adam, Angel Breaker, and Ravager navigate the terror of the Nightmare Realm!

Join a perilous and dangerous journey into the Nightmare Realm with a powerless Black Adam.

Then, it’s double danger for Billy Batson because he and the Captain are each haunted by their own set of nightmares! And Mary Marvel won’t emerge from her dreamscape the way she entered it… at least not if the Nightmare Captain has anything to say about it!

The Titans come face-to-face with… the Terror Titans?!

With nowhere left to turn, Ravager finds herself up against the Murder Man and his merciless Slaughter Squadron.

And as heroes across the world succumb to nightmares, Angel Breaker might be the final girl still awake! Can she trust Raptor – a professional thief – to help her put an end to this never-ending nightmare?

Knight Terrors: Terror Titans collects:

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