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Knight Terrors: Knocturnal Creatures (2024)

Generally favorable ratings

Based on 106 critic ratings.

In Knight Terrors, DC’s heroes and villains are engulfed in their own dark and twisted nightmares by new villain Insomnia and his Sleepless Knights.

This frightening companion collection reveals the bleakest horrors in the minds of Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, The Joker, Punchline, and Zatanna!

Enter the Harley Quinn Zone as Harley is confronted with the surreal and unsettling consequences of her choices!

It’s a suburban nightmare as Poison Ivy wakes up in the life that she never wanted!

The Joker’s worst fear becomes a reality: he’s got a day job!

Punchline confronts her long-suppressed fears in true horror-movie fashion!

And Zatanna teams with Robotman of the Doom Patrol to defend the world from Insomnia’s Sleepless Knights!

Knight Terrors: Knocturnal Creatures collects:

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