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Iron Man – Epic Collection Vol. 21: The Crossing (2023)

Iron Man: murderer?!

Kang the Conqueror weaves a complicated plot that pits the Avengers against Tony Stark! As figures from the future desperately try to warn the heroes, murders at the mansion shake the Avengers to their core. Meanwhile, Tony has begun having unexplained blackouts – and it’s possible he’s the killer! As threats mount and the mystery deepens, War Machine and Force Works become entangled, while Masque has an agenda of her own. But how do Gilgamesh, the Swordsman, the Anachronauts and the Priests of Pama fit in? Which former Avenger is Kang’s secret ally? And can Iron Man unravel what’s happening to him before he’s lost to the darkness forever?

Iron Man – Epic Collection Vol. 21: The Crossing collects:

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