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Immortal X-Men by Kieron Gillen Vol. 3 (2023)

Generally favorable ratings

Based on 24 critic ratings.

SINS OF SINISTER is over, but the fallout of those sins remains.

Storm can’t believe what everyone has done. But when the fate of two worlds rests in her hands, what can she do about it?

Meanwhile, the Quiet Council gathers to fill the empty seat.

It’s the last chance to make a smart, kind decision to prevent the fall. Luckily, the deciding vote is in the hands of trusty old Colossus.

Let’s hope he hasn’t got plans to ruin everything. That would be terrible…

Plus: As the 19th century drew to a close, the dying Nathaniel Essex unleashed four clones of himself into the world. They’ve been haunting it ever since, lurking in the shadows. We know what Sinister has been up to. What about the others?

Immortal X-Men by Kieron Gillen Vol. 3 collects:

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