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Harley Quinn: 30 Years of the Maid of Mischief – The Deluxe Edition (2022)

Generally favorable ratings

Based on 43 critic ratings.

Collects stories from The Batman Adventures (1992) #12, Detective Comics (1937) #831, Batman and Robin Adventures (1995) #18, Batman: Gotham Adventures (1998) #10, Batman: Gotham Knights (2000) #14, Harley Quinn (2000) #3, Gotham City Sirens (2009) #20-21, Harley Quinn Holiday Special (2014) #1, Harley Quinn: Be Careful What You Wish For Special Edition (2018) #1, Harley Quinn 25th Anniversary Special (2017) #1, Harley Quinn: Make ’em Laugh (2020) #3, Harley Quinn Black + White + Red (2020) #14, Batman (2016) #98, and a brand-new story from Harley Quinn 30th Anniversary Special (2022) #1.

Celebrate three decades of madcap fun with DC’s breakout antihero – Harley Quinn!

Packing a mallet and a PhD, this Gotham City Siren isn’t afraid to dish out some punishment or insightful psychotherapy when needed.

Whether she’s making a ruckus in Gotham City for good ol’ Bats and Mr. J or living it up in Coney Island with her motley crew of pals, adventure and absurdity are never far behind.

Featuring more than a dozen tales of anarchic antics spanning Harley’s comics career, this deluxe hardcover collection is sure to crack some sides and heads.

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