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Ghost Rider Vol. 4: Rite Of Passage (2024)

Generally favorable ratings

Based on 10 critic ratings.

Talia’s mysterious, messy past revealed! Johnny Blaze has been traveling with the brilliant hedge witch Talia Warroad – but how well does he really know her? He’s about to find out! Talia’s past, her furious first spells and more are all about to be come to light. How was her life set on a collision course with the Spirit of Vengeance? What happens when the Cult of Mephisto wants a piece of Talia’s magical gifts? And what will they do when they find out the Ghost Rider is her partner? As our duo hit the road in pursuit of the cult, they discover a town emptied of adults – and must solve the mystery of the children left behind and how it connects to Talia’s own childhood!

Ghost Rider Vol. 4: Rite Of Passage collects:

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