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Ghost Rider Vol. 1: Unchained (2022)

Generally favorable ratings

Based on 28 critic ratings.

Collects Ghost Rider (2022) #1-5.

Ghost Rider goes back to flaming-skulled basics!

Johnny Blaze is in a haze.

He has the perfect life: idyllic small town, wife and kids, dog – the American dream.

Except for the nightmares.

Blaze is having terrifying visions and has a constant, pounding headache – like something inside is trying to get out.

This world he’s living in is too good to be true.

In fact, it’s more like a prison.

But who would purposely be keeping the Spirit of Vengeance on the sidelines – and how?

Meanwhile, the FBI has recently discovered a frightening and unexplained surge in supernatural activity.

And that can mean only one thing: It’s time for Blaze to hit the dark roads of the Marvel Universe once more, confronting its monsters and battling his demons.

Let’s ride!

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