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Generation X – Epic Collection Vol. 2: Emplate's Revenge (2022)

The next generation of X-Men must grow up fast!

Generation X welcomes the mutant called Mondo to their ranks – just in time for Omega Red to attack! And with Banshee lying at death’s door, Chamber may be the last man standing!

Then the team’s deadliest and most horrifying foe returns: M’s evil brother, Emplate! And he’s hungry for more than vengeance! Even if the students can avoid becoming Emplate’s next meal, will a surprising transformation consume one of their own?

Plus: The White Queen goes to extreme lengths to protect the students from Onslaught, Franklin Richards joins the school in the wake of tragedy and Chamber and Husk’s romance reaches a tipping point!

Guest-starring Howard the Duck!

Generation X – Epic Collection Vol. 2: Emplate’s Revenge collects:

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458 pages
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