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Elektra: Black, White & Blood (2023)

Generally favorable ratings

Based on 23 critic ratings.

Collects Elektra: Black, White & Blood (2022) #1-4.

Elektra walks the line between good and evil – with style! It’s an undisputed fact: Trained by both the vicious Hand and the benevolent Chaste, Elektra Natchios is the best assassin in the Marvel Universe! And a murderers’ row of all-star Marvel creators are here to present the proof, in glorious black and white…with lashings of blood! A dozen astonishing tales set throughout her long and lethal life illustrate her fighting skills, ninja training and sheer determination! From the mean streets of Hell’s Kitchen to the seedy back alleys of Madripoor – and even farther afield – prepare to see Elektra in a whole new light…taking on ninjas, vampires and worse!

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133 pages
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