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Doctor Strange – Epic Collection Vol. 11: Nightmare On Bleecker Street (2023)

Collects Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme #48-61 And Annual #3; Morbius: The Living Vampire (1992) #9; And Material From Marvel Comics Presents (1988) #146 And Marvel Super-Heroes (1990) #12, and #14.


When Clea’s actions free the dread Dormammu, Doctor Strange beseeches the all-powerful Vishanti for aid.

But his mystical patrons have a request in return – and when Strange refuses, he is stripped of most of his magical power!

Sorcerer Supreme no more, Strange must revive his old non-team the Defenders to contend with Dormammu!

Then, when Nightmare targets Strange, will Morbius be a friend or foe?

Plus: Strange loses and gains a disciple and is swept up in cosmic chaos when the Goddess launches her Infinity Crusade!

And when Strange aids the Midnight Sons against Lilith, it unleashes a terrifying new foe – and sparks a radical reimagining of Strange himself!

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480 pages
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