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Defenders: There Are No Rules (2022)

Universal acclaim

Based on 5 critic ratings.

Collects Defenders (2021) #1-5, material from Marvel Comics (2019) #1000-1001.

Al Ewing and Javier Rodríguez reunite for a cosmos-colliding journey! When existence itself faces extraordinary threats, it needs an extraordinary defense! That’s when you call…the Defenders! Doctor Strange and the Masked Raider gather a non-team of Marvel’s weirdest, wildest heroes for a mission that will uncover the hidden architecture of reality itself! This cosmos was not the first to exist – but if the Defenders can’t track Marvel’s oldest villain through the deepest trenches of time, it might be the last! The group must travel to the long-extinct previous cosmos, the birthplace of Galactus – but the Devourer is not the man they remember. Meet Taaia, Omnimax and more as Marvel history expands and Doctor Strange’s makeshift Defenders face extreme jeopardy!

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