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Deadpool – Epic Collection Vol. 4: Dead Reckoning (2023)

Joe Kelly’s classic storyline concludes! As the world-ending threat that LL&L has been preparing Deadpool to fight looms, Wade struggles with a crisis of conscience. Can he really be the Mithras, prophesied to save the world? Not to worry, because LL&L has a possible replacement all lined up: Captain America! The aftermath of this cosmic conflict leaves Deadpool more unstable than usual – but when a familiar woman from his past returns, everything Wade Wilson knows about himself will be called into question! Now he must brace for revelations, recriminations and a very personal final battle against his worst enemy, T-Ray! Plus: Therapy sessions with Dr. Bong! And Deadpool crosses swords with Batroc, Bullseye, Wolverine, the pint-sized assassin Widdle Wade and more!

Deadpool – Epic Collection Vol. 4: Dead Reckoning collects:

  • Deadpool (1997) #0, 21-33;
  • Deadpool Team-Up (1998) #1;
  • Encyclopaedia Deadpoolica (1998) #1.

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420 pages
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