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Deadpool: Badder Blood (2024)

Mixed or average ratings

Based on 12 critic ratings.

Rob Liefeld returns – and he’s bringing some of Deadpool’s frenemies along for the ride!

When the villainous Thumper returns to take out the man who created him, Wolverine and Cable step in for a daring rescue mission. But as Deadpool becomes embroiled in nefarious criminal machinations in Madripoor, will the trio be able to join forces – or will Thumper’s agenda put an end to their efforts?

The Merc with a Mouth thinks he’s pretty good with a sword – but is he good enough to trounce the mysterious, blade-brandishing Shatterstorm?! And, win or lose, will wascally Wade have what it takes to navigate the Terrors of Killville?

Plus: The Imperial Guard! Zabu of the Savage Land! And, would you believe, Venompool?!

But who is Arcata – and what are her plans for Deadpool?

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