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Cyborg (2024)

Generally favorable ratings

Based on 48 critic ratings.

When the death of his father, Silas Stone, brings Cyborg back home to Detroit, Victor Stone finds he enjoys returning to the simpler life – where everybody sees him for who he really is, rather than as a larger-than-life superhero.

But in his absence, much has changed, including the introduction of a revolutionary artificial intelligence spearheaded by the suspicious new corporation Solace… and no one knows better than Cyborg that technological transformation always comes at a steep price!

To make matters worse, familiar foes like Gizmo, Mammoth, and A.T.L.A.S. keep popping up across the city. Victor must work with an A.I. claiming to be his deceased father to resolve this mayhem in the Motor City!

Milestone Initiative writer Morgan Hampton joins forces with veteran star artist Tom Raney to give Cyborg the Teen Titans animated series–inspired Dawn of DC epic he deserves!

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