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City Boy (2024)

Generally favorable ratings

Based on 66 critic ratings.

Meet a new Korean hero named… City Boy! Or at least, that’s the best translation of what the cities call him.

City Boy, a.k.a. Cameron Kim, is just getting by, using the powers the cities have offered him to find the lost, the missing, the valuable. But when the cities speak, it can be overwhelming. Especially when powerful humanforces aligned with one of the DC Universe’s greatest threats try to take control!

As Cameron’s powers get stronger, the cities start forming animal avatars from scraps in order to physically travel alongside him on his adventures. As he flees from Mokkarison’s influence, he meets the dragon of Metropolis, the rat of Gotham, and the bat of Blüdhaven (along with some more familiar faces from those cities). But his search for family and connection drives him to continue searching for the home he needs.

Don’t miss the debut of a brand-new hero with a never-before-seen connection to the DC Universe.

City Boy is written by comics superstar Greg Pak and illustrated by Minkyu Jung, featuring Nightwing, Superman, and Swamp Thing!

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