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Catwoman Vol. 3: Duchess of Gotham (2023)

Mixed or average ratings

Based on 52 critic ratings.

When Selina Kyle murders her lover Valmont to save her ex-lover Batman, she ends up behind bars, but leave it to a cat to thrive in the darkest of places. Selina finds herself quickly clawing her way up the ladder of misfits by making friends with all the wrong types (which are, of course, also exactly the right types). But with the Cat behind bars and off the streets, Gotham still needs a vigilante to keep all of its mob bosses in check, and who better than one of their own? It’s a good thing Eiko Hasigawa’s got a cat costume somehere in the back of her closet, as things are about to get messy!

Catwoman Vol. 3: Duchess of Gotham collects:

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