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Captain Marvel Vol. 8: The Trials (2022)

Generally favorable ratings

Based on 34 critic ratings.

Collects Captain Marvel (2019) #37-41 and Captain Marvel Annual (2022) #1.

Captain Marvel no more!

After surviving a brutal fight, Carol Danvers deserves a break – and so does her fellow “Marvel” Monica Rambeau. But when Carol suddenly goes missing, the newly sentient cosmic entity called Binary must take her place – though stepping into the shoes of one of Earth’s greatest heroes is no easy feat! And as the mysterious Binary finds herself plunged into a world she barely understands, the questions about exactly who – and what – she is grow ever deeper! But where is Captain Marvel anyway?! Would you believe captured by Agatha Harkness and a tribunal of some of Marvel’s most powerful magic-wielders?!

Plus: Carol Danvers is a jailbird in a cosmic prison – locked up along with those space-faring pirates, the Starjammers!

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144 pages
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