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Batman: Urban Legends Vol. 5 (2023)

Generally favorable ratings

Based on 40 critic ratings.

Four epic Gotham sagas rage on!

The Signal, a.k.a. Duke Thomas, assembles Batman and the Outsiders to find his missing mother.

Years before his passing, we follow Alfred Pennyworth on the mystery of a lifetime.

In another story from Gotham’s recent past, Thomas and MarthaWayne have arrived at Wayne Manor, and Batman goes on a hunt to find out who is responsible and if he’s being lied to.

And a bold new piece of the Gotham City universe gets introduced from the wreckage of Arkham Asylum… the children and protégés of some of Gotham’s most wicked villains are assembled in the inaugural class of Arkham Academy!

Don’t miss this incredible volume of Batman: Urban Legends!

Batman: Urban Legends Vol. 5 collects:

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