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Araña: Night Of The Hunter (2022)

Collects Araña #7-12, Spider-Man & Araña: The Hunter Revealed and material from Captain America (2004) #602-605.

Sides are chosen, lives are lost and Araña will never be the same! Exactly what happened to Araña’s mother before she disappeared all those years ago? Startling new information on her family’s past may be too painful for Anya Corazon to bear! Meanwhile, the evil Sisterhood of the Wasp hosts a summit of fiends, rogues and villains so big that Araña just might have to crash the party! And the spectacular Spider-Man swings by just in time for Araña to learn what the future of the Wasp/Spider-Clan battle holds – and what it means for her destiny as the Hunter! Plus: Anya makes a new friend – Rikki Barnes, the teen hero known as Nomad – when they take on Mad Dog and the Secret Empire!

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216 pages
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