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Ant-Man/Giant-Man – Epic Collection Vol. 2: Ant-Man No More (2023)

Collects Marvel Feature (1971) #4-10, Power Man #24-25, Black Goliath (1975) #1-5, The Champions (1975) #11-13, Marvel Premiere #47-48, and material from Tales To Astonish (1959) #60-69 And Iron Man (1968) #44.

Progenitor of the famous Pym Particle, biochemist Dr. Henry Pym started off his super-heroing career as the tiny Ant-Man, but he soon burst into a new role as Giant-Man! The Avengers co-founder’s adventures with the Wasp continue here as the two heroes beat back the Beast of Berlin and battle other adversaries big and small! Then, there’s a new Giant-Man on the block when Pym’s friend and lab partner, Bill Foster, becomes the Black Goliath in a series all his own! Last, but far from least, thrill to the debut of Scott Lang as Ant-Man, the small hero who’s made it big both in Marvel’s comics and on the silver screen!

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