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Amazing Fantasy (2022)

Mixed or average ratings

Based on 4 critic ratings.

Collects Amazing Fantasy (2021) #1-5, Amazing Fantasy Prelude Infinity Comic (2021) #1.

An all-new vision of the Marvel Universe! Spy-school Black Widow, teenage Spider-Man, World War II Captain America – the most iconic versions of your favorite Marvel characters from across time and space – all wake up on an island of intrigue, darkness and amazing fantasy. Are they dead? Are they dreaming? Or have they truly been transported to another fantastical realm? And as the heroes explore their uncanny surroundings, can they find a way to return home? This isn’t just a love letter to your favorite Marvel eras, it’s a reinvestment in the seminal characters you’ve always loved, plucked from their quintessential timelines. This is the one you’ve been waiting for, True Believers – an Amazing Fantasy for the ages, featuring Kaare Andrews’ unique art_x0002_work!

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