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All-Out Avengers: Teachable Moments (2023)

Mixed or average ratings

Based on 35 critic ratings.

Strap in for an all-new, all-adrenaline adventure that starts in the middle and races to the finish! An alien attack – a city warped – and Captain Marvel looking to the Avengers with murderous intent! Then, the Avengers are in chains, and their only hope lies with their greatest hero: Doctor Doom?! An army of Red Skulls threatens to overwhelm them, a cadre of bloodthirsty killers will hunt them, and even Spider-Man is out to get them! But who’s behind this madness, altering the very fabric of reality over and over again? Something big is coming to the Marvel Universe! Take a deep breath before you open this book – because once you dive in, you won’t be allowed up for air! The Avengers assemble for all-out action!

All-Out Avengers: Teachable Moments collects:

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